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Now that I have a toddler, and he’s constantly getting sick. I hate that the store bought medicine wasn’t doing much. I would give it to him for a week straight, with not much improvement. He would always fight me every time I would give him medicine. One of my friends introduced me to Más Moss. I saw the benefits and had to give it a try. I’m all about natural remedies and I would pick it over the “over the counter” medicine. Within 3 days of taking only sea moss, my son was no longer sick. Now, we consume it every single day. I would take a table spoon and blend it into my son’s milk every night before he goes to bed. Sea moss has no taste, so he has no idea he’s even taking it. Jason is super cool and very nice guy. Responds fast and answers any questions I might have. Thank you Más Moss for keeping our family staying healthy. We are forever grateful!

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Have been a customer for about a year and it has changed my life! I have noticed differences in energy, skin, and so many other health benefits. I am so grateful to Mas Moss and how consistent they ar


Best hands down :) no smell or taste, I started giving it to my 6 month old because she has been sick for a Lil while and she just already is in a better mood, all around it's amazing makes u feel ama


Myself, my husband and my two little kids have been taking this Sea Moss for at least six months. We noticed a difference with our health instantly. The taste is almost not there, to the point that we


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