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Myself, my husband and my two little kids have been taking this Sea Moss for at least six months. We noticed a difference with our health instantly. The taste is almost not there, to the point that we don’t mix it with anything. Just a big spoon full every night for everyone. Màs Moss has great customer service, are knowledgeable and are invested in others health!

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Have been a customer for about a year and it has changed my life! I have noticed differences in energy, skin, and so many other health benefits. I am so grateful to Mas Moss and how consistent they ar


Now that I have a toddler, and he’s constantly getting sick. I hate that the store bought medicine wasn’t doing much. I would give it to him for a week straight, with not much improvement. He would al


Best hands down :) no smell or taste, I started giving it to my 6 month old because she has been sick for a Lil while and she just already is in a better mood, all around it's amazing makes u feel ama


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