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I’ve been taking sea moss for 5 days now & let me tell you... I feel like it really does work before I started taking it my fasting numbers were in the high 200s for the last 2 days my fasting numbers have been between 116-130 days I know that’s still kinda high but it’s a HUGE improvement for me !! Not only that but my numbers have came down in general, I haven’t hit 300s in 3 days I recently have been in the 170s-180s , I still get spikes throughout the day but it’s no where near as high as it was before & my numbers come down a lot faster too !! Here’s the link to where I bought it from

Jason Guzman thank you again for offering it to me , I’m so happy I tried it . I’ve noticed a few different changes in my body aside from my sugars & I’m very happy with the outcome so far , I don’t plan to stop taking it any time soon !

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